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Dance Fusion Studios opened in 2006 and is proud to provide fun dance classes in a safe and welcoming environment to youth and adults. Beginning with just one studio and two teachers, Dance Fusion Studios has grown into a large family of teachers and students – and into a bigger space.

We began the studio because we saw how much it was needed - we knew that every body deserved to find a dance family that respected them, welcomed them, and taught them at every level. A lot of our dancers (and teachers!) have felt like outsiders in their previous dance experience, and we wanted to give everyone a space to belong.

We were the first dance studio to offer drop-in adult classes in Ottawa, understanding that adults have busy lives with work, family, and vacations, and can’t be expected to pay for a full semester of dance if they can’t attend all the time. We also have the most comprehensive adult programme, from complete beginners to advanced.

We believe strongly that non-competitive but high-quality instruction is the best form of teaching. Our kids - and adults - benefit from performance opportunities and dance exams. We teach people how to dance, not just dance steps!

Dance Styles

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Our Directors

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Our Teachers

We believe that one way to be a safe studio is to provide dancers with fully trained and qualified teachers, who are always learning and growing as instructors. Meet our team!

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Natasha Coolen

ballet and pointe

Natasha started her dance career in Nova Scotia in jazz and ballet, and then graduated from the Professional Training Program and Post Graduate Program at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada under Brian Scott, Gizella Witkowsky, Annette av Paul, and John Ottmann. She has trained and performed at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, Boston Ballet School, European Ballet, and ProArteDanza. She has danced in works created on her by Carol Anderson, Marc Boivin, Roberto Campanella, Preston McBain, Edgar Zendejaz, Tina Fushell, John Ottmann, and Gizella Witkowsky. Her repertoire includes The Nutcracker, La Sylphide, Les Sylphides, Paquita, Don Quixote, Coppelia, Konservatoriet, and Swan Lake. She has her Membership with the BATD, and continues her teacher education through Lisa Howell, the Franklin Method, and the Royal Ballet School.

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Emily Keenan


Emily has been dancing since she was five, dancing competitively in highland with many champion teachers and competing across Eastern Canada and the United States. She has been training with Dance Fusion Studios in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and highland since 2007. She graduated from Canterbury’s Dance Programme and has a Masters in International Economic Policy from Carleton University. Emily joined Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion as a full member in 2008, performing lead roles in “Passages,” “A MacSummer’s Night’s Dream,” and “A Christmas Carol.” She has competed in highland dance across Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, and is a certified teacher with the BATD.

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Brigitte Godbout

substitute ballet, jazz, highland
and modern

Brigitte has been dancing since she was three, training at several Ottawa-area schools in ballet, jazz, highland, tap, contemporary, and ballroom. She competed across Canada in highland and was a founding member of Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion, performing lead roles in every production, which were choreographed on her from 2002-2016. She is a fully certified teacher with the BATD and has been teaching with Dance Fusion Studios since it opened in 2006.

(Video) 2022 Arizona Dance Fusion: Matinee Show with the Professional Show "Totally Awesome 80's"

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Sharon Dickson


Sharon is a born teacher, not just through dance, but with national level certifications in swimming, diving, water polo, and various health institutions. As a tap dancer, she trained under Cathy Weatherup at Studio Seven after graduating from O’Neill CVI’s Performing Arts program. Her students have received top honours at Terpsichore and Dance Starz. With deep roots in musical theatre, Sharon has performed in shows like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat with Broadway World Toronto, and the Music Man with The Community Players of New Hamburg, among many others. She continues to push herself as a teacher by taking instructors’ master classes with teachers like Everett Smith and Galen Hooks.

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Mélanie Matieyshen

jazz and contemporary

Mélanie is originally from Sudbury, where she trained in multiple dance styles and started her teaching career. As a former competitive dancer in jazz and acro, she won many awards, including scholarships. She loves to expand her dance horizons, attending dance conventions with top teachers in North America in jazz, tap, acro, ballet, lyrical, and musical theatre, as well as workshops in burlesque, Bollywood, hip hop, and merengue. Mélanie also studied and performed in aerial dance arts with multiple studios in Ottawa and has learned from world-renowned artists Phoenix Kazree and Aerial Amy. As a fully certified teacher with the BATD, her passion is playful performances that suit the age and ability of her dancers.

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Mae Mason

substitute ballet and pointe

Mae has been teaching ballet for five years and dance fitness for two. Though ballet was their focus as a performer – and they had danced in many roles with companies like Les Petits Ballets, Ballet Jorgen, and The Pennsylvania Ballet – Mae’s real passion is helping students build technique and strength through dance conditioning. This interest was first sparked during their time in the Teacher Training Program at Canada’s National Ballet School. Mae aims to inspire their students with their knowledge and experience, in hopes that they will leave each class with something new embedded into their muscle memory.

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Alex Smith-Eivemark

jazz and tap

Alex has been dancing since age 10. She started with jazz but fell in love with dancing of all styles and received extensive training in jazz, musical theatre, tap, ballet, and modern. At age 15, Alex was added to a professional dance company in the GTA and performed at charity events, school events, and, her personal favourite, haunted houses! She started teaching in 2018 and has been hooked ever since. She’s taught at summer camps, Fosse workshops, Musical Theatre workshops, and classes for adults and kids. She completed her professional BATD Jazz Associates Exam in 2019. Outside of the dance world, she’s completed her BA at Carleton University and works for one of Canada’s top animation studios. Alex believes that dancing is for everybody and is a great way to build self-confidence, which is often a joyous theme in her classes. Her overall goal is for students to fall in love with movement and self-expression.

Ava Suuronen

ballet, jazz and contemporary

Ava has been dancing since she was three years old, with training in classical ballet with the RAD and the National Ballet of Canada, as well as modern, contemporary, lyrical, and jazz. She graduated from the Canterbury Dance Programme, where her focus on choreography bloomed. She has performed with the Pennsylvania Ballet, BalletJörgen, and Les Petits Ballets, and has worked with choreographers such as Jacques Monfiston, Joshua Beamish, and Tiffany Mclachlan.

As a biomedical scientist in training, Ava’s love of anatomy shines through her teaching methods, ensuring that dancers stay safe and healthy. Her goal is to share a love of dance with her students, and to cultivate a passion for emotional expression through movement.

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Stéphanie Chiasson

substitute highland and tap

Born in Cape Breton, Steph grew up stepdancing as part of the performance company “La Swing du Suête.” She was a dancer in the largest musical production in the Atlantic provinces, "Le Grand Cercle,” originally produced for Le Congrès Mondial des Acadiens, as well as dancing in the Celtic Colours Festival. She has been dancing with Dance Fusion Studios since 2011, where she both runs the office with extreme efficiency, and is a highly requested substitute teacher for both youth and adult programmes.She also joined Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion as a full member in 2017, where she performed roles in “Passages,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Swan Loch,” and “Deconstructing Highland.”

(Video) Viral Video Award // AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW - Fusion Dance Studio [Buffalo NY]
(Video) Showstopper competition - 1467 Cry Me A River (Fusion Studios)
“The teachers are so caring and supportive while also challenging you to maximize your success. Also, since there are many levels offered, there is room to grow and advance!”
(Video) Dance Fusion Studio opening in Kauai


What is the purpose of fusion dance? ›

Fusion dance is a contemporary partner dance that combines different dance styles to create a new aesthetic. It is typically an improvised, lead-follow approach to dancing. Fusion dancing explores the freedom in dancing, when we let go of the borders that define particular dance styles.

What is the most famous dance studio? ›

The Juilliard School of Dance in New York, United States is one of the most prestigious dance schools in the world. Because of its prestige, it is one of the most popular dance studios in the world.

What dance studio does Autumn Miller go to? ›

Autumn Miller
Dance StudiosDance Precisions Mather Dance Company The Space
Titlessee below
Friends and Family
ParentsCory Miller (father) Krista Buonauro-Miller (mother)
17 more rows
2 Aug 2022

What is called fusion dance? ›

Fusion dancing is a form of improvised partner dancing that occurs when dancers “fuse” or combine elements from two or more dance styles, or use elements of a dance style with music that is not typically associated with that dance style.

What is the fusion technique? ›

The multisensor information fusion technique is a major information support tool for system analysis and health management that can cross-link, associate, and combine data from different sensors, reducing target perception uncertainty and improving target system integrated information processing and response ...

Which fusion technique is stronger? ›

It's actually stated in the series that the potara is stronger. The fusion dance requires both people to be near the same power level to succeed and is only temporary. The potara earrings don't have that requirement and lasts forever, so nobody has to lower their power level to fuse.

What is the number 1 ballet school in the world? ›

  • Paris Opera Ballet School.
  • Royal Ballet School.
  • Vaganova Ballet Academy.
  • Bolshoi Ballet Academy.
  • John Cranko School.
  • The School at National Ballet of Cuba.
  • School of American Ballet.
  • Scoula di Ballo del Teatro la Scala.
11 Jun 2016

What is the biggest dance competition in the US? ›

1. Fusion National Dance Competition. Here the judges and faculty are committed to impart an ultimate dance experience both in solo as well as group categories. But what steals the limelight in the competition is the title competition in which dancers are judged based on solo and impromptu performances.

Why is Autumn Miller famous? ›

Autumm is famous for her YouTube dance vlogs and also in social media. She is also a model and actress. Today I will discuss the Autumn Miller Biography, weight, Date of Birth, Hight, Age, husband.

How did Autumn Miller get famous? ›

Autumn's Instagram success actually grew out of her YouTube channel, Autie Freestyle Friday. Her weekly video posts were initially snippets of her dancing in a room at home, and evolved into competition videos, interviews, her morning routine, and of course, those incredible clips from class at The Brea Space.

What is the space TV? ›

The Space TV is your home for online streaming dance classes and entertainment. Created for Dancers, by Dancers. Join Master Teacher Krista Miller with some of the most sought after dance educators, for the best online dance classes, music videos, performances, and more! ...

How long does Gogeta last? ›

The up-side to this is that Gogeta can fight with all his power, and even break through to his Super Saiyan Blue form without worrying about consequences. No matter what Gogeta does, the fusion lasts the full thirty minutes, whereas the Potara fusion is rather imperfect.

Who is VEKU? ›

Veku (ベクウ, Bekū) is the failed attempt at Goku and Vegeta fusing into Gogeta. He is a fat and embarrassingly weak fusion fighter, named by South Kai in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn from Vegeta and Goku. In this form, Veku is nowhere near as strong as he would like to be, and his ki and stamina are extremely limited.

What is freestyle and fusion dance? ›

Fusion Dance is a freestyle dance movement that encourages individuals to listen to a piece of music and fit dance motion to it.

How old is Goku? ›

Goku's chronological age at the end of Dragon Ball Z is 44, however, his body is that of 37.

Who is Gotens dad? ›

Summary. Son Goten is the second son of Son Goku and Chi Chi, concieved shortly before his father was killed in the battle with Cell. Son Goten grew up with his brother (Son Gohan) and his mother without his father until he was 7 years old.

Who created fusion dance? ›

Similar Techniques

The Fusion Dance (フュージョン, Fyūjon), is a technique that is introduced by Goku after learning it from Metamorans in the Other World. His son, Goten, fuses with Trunks in order to create Gotenks. The purpose of the Fusion is to temporarily merge two or more bodies into a single, superior entity.

Whats stronger fusion dance or Potara? ›

Bottom line: Potara is stronger than Metamoran fusion, but Gogeta is as strong as Vegito because Goku and Vegeta didn't have to lower their power levels to fuse.

Which fusion is more like Goku? ›

Personality-wise, Gogeta is closer to Goku, with Vegito inheriting more of Vegeta's serious nature. Vegito also appears to be the stronger fusion.

What country is best at ballet? ›

Of all the ballet companies in the world, though, Paris Opera Ballet remains to be the most recognized. Meanwhile, Russia holds the crown as the country known to be the best in the art form. Don't forget to explore the best contemporary ballet companies as well.

Which city has the best ballet? ›

Vienna. Though it's known as the home of Mozart and Beethoven, Vienna is also a centre for some of the world's best ballet.

What is the most famous dance convention? ›

JUMP is proud to be the largest dance convention in the world, touring to 28 US cities and 4 international cities.

What is the number one dance school in America? ›

Juilliard School (New York, NY)

One of the first “superstar” dance alumni of the school was Paul Taylor, who graduated from the program in 1953, just two years after the dance division at Juilliard was formed.

Which state has the most Dance Studios? ›

California (1,900 businesses), New York (1,425 businesses) and Texas (984 businesses) are the States with the most number of Dance Studios businesses in the US.

Who is Molly Long? ›

Molly has choreographed for an America's Got Talent child dance group called Buns and Roses. Molly Long (born on August 22, 1992) is a professional choreographer. Molly earned her expertise by dancing at Dance Precisions as a child and teen. She taught dance at DP for several years following her education there.

Who are Autumn Miller's parents? ›

What high school did Autumn Miller go to? ›

Hello, my name is Autumn Miller and I am originally from Roscoe, Illinois and I attended Harlem High School. After high school, I went to the University of Minnesota on a track and field scholarship, and got a degree in sports management.

Is Sophia Lucia a dancer? ›

Sophia Maria Lucia (born September 7, 2002) is a dancer from San Diego, California. She is the daughter of Jackie Lucia. Sophia made her first appearance on Dance Moms during the third season.

How old is Sophia Lucia today? ›

How old is Pressley Hosbach? ›

Who owns the Space TV? ›

Space is a Latin American pay television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.

What is the launch training program? ›

“Launch” consists of dance artists seeking careers in the entertainment industry. Each week they receive twenty-two hours of training and education; From Ballroom, Jazz Funk, and Ballet, to Acting, Voice, Personal Training, and Nutrition, we want our students to be versatile, well-rounded artists and individuals.

How do you introduce a dance performance? ›

Greetings to all! I am ABC and I am fortunate to have this opportunity to present the welcome speech for dance performances lined up for today's event. As a nation and as a country, culture is an important part of our upbringing and who we are today.

How do you inspire a dancer? ›

The best way to inspire dance students is to give them a common goal and purpose. Hold competitions, engage with them individually, promote on social media, assign homework outside the studio, videotape classes, and improve the environment of the studio.

How would you describe a good dance performance? ›

Powerful choreography and great efforts. Awesome energy, it was a beautifully performed act. You look even more beautiful when you perform. For me, this is the greatest live performance I ever witnessed.

Why is Gogeta's hair red? ›

He's a reversed SSJ4. The reason why is because Akira Toriyama, when he is drawing and coloring, doesn't check the actual colored pictures. Thus, showing that this is a coloring mistake, and not his actual hair. Another reason to show that this isn't his actual hair is when Goku and Vegeta fused against Janemba.

Why is Gogeta's hair dark blue? ›

He's just in regular Super Saiyan Blue form, as it matches the hair color Goku and Vegeta have in their Blue forms throughout that part of the movie, and he lacks the distinctly different colored iris and pupils Vegeta has in Blue Evolution, instead retaining the monotone color that regular Blue has.

Who controls Gogeta? ›

Gogeta is the resulting of two highly powerful Saiyan, Goku and Vegeta, when they perform the Fusion Dance properly. When named Gogeta, this show that Son Goku is more in control of the body.

Why is Gogeta fat? ›

Veku, the failed fusion of Goku and Vegeta Veku is the fat version of Gogeta who occurred when Goku and Vegeta attempted to fuse for the first time. Vegeta fails to extend his index finger, resulting in a weak fusion, forming a fat, incredibly weak fighter who was called "Veku" by South Kai.

What does J in SSJ stand for? ›

In the Japanese dub, the Super Saiyans are not called as such; They are called 'Super Saiyajin' instead. When you break down the translation, SSJ refers to three parts: Super, Saiya, Jin. Japanese uses 'jin' as a suffix to signify a person's race or ethnicity.

How strong is Gogito? ›

Super Gogito (referred to as Gogito) is the strongest fusion" being to ever exist. Even without becoming a Super Saiyan, he can defeat Omega Shenron. He is respected as if he were always one being and never two. He is a Potara Earring Fusion between Vegito and Gogeta and his Fusion Dance counter part is Vogeta.

Where did the fusion dance come from? ›

The Fusion Dance (フュージョン, Fyūjon), is a technique that is introduced by Goku after learning it from Metamorans in the Other World. His son, Goten, fuses with Trunks in order to create Gotenks. The purpose of the Fusion is to temporarily merge two or more bodies into a single, superior entity.

What is freestyle and fusion dance? ›

Fusion Dance is a freestyle dance movement that encourages individuals to listen to a piece of music and fit dance motion to it.

What is jazz fusion dance? ›

Jazz fusion is a unique style of jazz dance that does just what its name implies – fuses together multiple styles of dance for a hybrid class all its own!

What is Indian fusion dance? ›

Indian Fusion Dance is a contemporary transcultural fusion based on explorations of Indian and Middle Eastern aesthetics.

Who did fusion first? ›

12 The First Fusion Featured Was Namekian

Nail, the last Namekian warrior left on the planet, was breathing his last breaths as Piccolo passed by, and urged him to merge together so they could defeat Frieza together. Piccolo reluctantly accepted, and the very first fusion in DBZ history took place shortly after.

How old is Goku? ›

Goku's chronological age at the end of Dragon Ball Z is 44, however, his body is that of 37.

Who is Gotens dad? ›

Summary. Son Goten is the second son of Son Goku and Chi Chi, concieved shortly before his father was killed in the battle with Cell. Son Goten grew up with his brother (Son Gohan) and his mother without his father until he was 7 years old.

What are the 10 benefits of dancing? ›

10 Health Benefits of Dancing
  • Better Brain Health. ...
  • Improved Flexibility. ...
  • Minimized Stress. ...
  • Reduced Depression. ...
  • Weight Loss. ...
  • Increased Energy. ...
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health. ...
  • Better Coordination Strength & Balance.

What is classical fusion dance? ›

Fusion dance is a type of contemporary social improvised partner dance that combines different dance styles to create a new aesthetic. It does not conform to any particular defined dance styles, but typically uses a lead-follow approach that emphasizes musicality.

Who started jazz fusion? ›

Jazz fusion formed in the late 1960s when musicians combined styles such as jazz, funk, rock, and R&B (rhythm and blues). It has been popularized by artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, and Allan Holdsworth, along with many other legends in the jazz world.

Is jazz fusion real jazz? ›

jazz-rock, also called fusion, popular musical form in which modern jazz improvisation is accompanied by the bass lines, drumming styles, and instrumentation of rock music, with a strong emphasis on electronic instruments and dance rhythms.

What is fusion song? ›

Fusion music describes what happens when musical styles are combined together to make something new. Fusion music usually combines two different styles. Successful fusion music is often controversial as it tries to combine the traditional and the new, mixing things up.

Who is Usha Jey? ›

Usha Jey, a 25-year-old dancer and choreographer based in Paris, shared a video on Instagram earlier this week that combined two very distinct dance form, Bharatanatyam and hip-hop. This video of Hybrid Bharatnatyam has gone viral on the internet.

What is urban fusion dance? ›

Urban Fusion class is an energetic class combining street dance, martial arts and African dance. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned professional there is something you can gain from this class energy. Developing strength, fitness, freestyle technique and feel for the music.

What is Kathak fusion dance? ›

March 2021) Kathak (Hindi: कथक; Urdu: کتھک) is one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance. It is the classical dance form of Uttar Pradesh. The origin of Kathak is traditionally attributed to the traveling bards in ancient northern India known as Kathakars or storytellers.


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