Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (2022)

Whitney Moore


Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (1)Graduated in 2005 from the University of Texas Arlington with a B.S. degree in Psychology, minor in Business. Whitney began dancing at the age of three and has had extensive dance training at outstanding ballet academies and studios in the Metroplex area. She trained in all styles including tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and gymnastics. Whitney attended numerous competitions and conventions over the years and won top awards and National titles. Whitney is an alumni member of the UTA Dance Ensemble where she has participated and performed in the American College Dance Festival for 4 years. She has also been a member of the Dallas based company N2it. Whitney fell in love with teaching and actually taught at 4 local studios for six years plus taught tap for the university before starting Foot Works in 2008. She has continued learning and training throughout the years and studies with many master educators across the world. She has a passion and desire to teach dancers of all ages not only dance training but life training as well! Whitney feels very blessed to be able to do what she loves every single day.

Lindsay McMahon

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (2)Began dancing at the age of three, and grew up training at the Dance Workshop in Arlington, Tx. During her time there she took classes in many genres including in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Gymnastics, Hip Hop, and Pointe. Lindsay attended various competitions and conventions over the years, and with her studio won many different awards as well as National Titles. She also won several individual awards and honors including many single and yearlong convention scholarships, the title of Miss West Coast Dance Explosion, Tremaine Dancer of the Year Top 10, and being one of the 10 dancers nationwide chosen to perform with Dance with the Force. Lindsay also enjoyed spending many summers training on scholarship in Los Angeles at The Edge, Debbie Allen Studios, Debbie Reynolds Studios, Millenium, and The Performing Arts Center. Throughout High School and College she spent four years traveling the country as an assistant teacher for Tremaine Dance Conventions. During that time, she was able to train under and assist master choreographers such as, Joe Tremaine, Doug Caldwell, Liz Imperio, Wade Robson, Brian Friedman, and many more. She began teaching at the age of 16 and very quickly fell in love. It was then that she discovered her passion for sharing her love of dance with all of her dance babies! Following high school, Lindsay pursued a higher education and graduated with a B.S. in Business Management from UTA in 2005 where she was also a member of the UTA Dance Ensemble. She continued teaching full time throughout her college years and knew it would be a lifetime career for her. Lindsay has never lost her desire to learn and further her education, and has recently become certified in both Progressing Ballet Techniques, as well as Acrobatic Arts. She became a part of the Foot Works family in 2009 and truly found her dance home!

Sharae Womack

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (3)began her dance career as a student in Houston, where she trained extensively in the areas of jazz, tap, and ballet. Her dance knowledge was expanded in San Antonio under the direction of Ray Hollingsworth through H&H Dance Troupe. She continued her dance studies via ballet and modern while attending Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. During her time at SWTSU, Sharae commuted to Austin to perform at special local engagements and performances with Austin on Tap. Later, becoming an instructor, Sharae taught in Houston and surrounding areas for many years before relocating to the DFW area. Her outstanding choreography has received many awards on the regional and national competition levels, including receiving Most Entertaining, High Point and Top Teacher awards many times over. She has also extended her dance knowledge through master dance classes at conventions such as Adrenaline, Tremaine, Dupree, Pulse, Nuvo, and West Coast Dance Explosion. She served as Competition Director for the past 20 years at two other studios before starting at Foot Works and has served as a competition judge for DanceForce USA, traveling to many hot spots across the country. Sharae enjoys students of all ages and levels, including dancers in the adult program and special needs program.

Marina Goshko

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (4)A Russian native, was born in Ulan-Ude in the republic of Buryatiya. She graduated from the Buryat State Choreographic School in 1992. She won an award in the International Independent Competition in Moscow. Upon graduation, she was invited to join the Buryat Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.In 1993, she became a soloist with the Moscow Classical Ballet. Marina has toured extensively throughout the world. Her repertoire includes leading solo and pas de deux roles. In 2001, she joined Metropolitan Classical Ballet as a principal dancer. She is currently Principal Dancer with Mejia International Ballet in Arlington, TX and also in Ballet Frontier of Texas.

Alexa Hubenak

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (5)Began dancing at the age of 2 at the Dance Workshop. She later moved to Foot Works Performing Arts Center where she finished her career as a competitive dancer of 12 years. Alexa became an assistant dance teacher at the age of 11 where she very quickly fell in love with the art of teaching. In all her years of dancing, Alexa has trained extensively in the styles of tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical and contemporary. She has attended countless competitions, conventions and intensives where she has had the privilege of learning from and working with many professional, well-known dancers and choreographers as well as winning several individual awards including Encore National Performer of the Year, Top 10 finalist for Tremaine Teen Dancer of the Year, Encore Elite Dancer and numerous local and national convention scholarships. For two years, Alexa was a member of the Tremaine Dance Convention Apprentice Program where she had the opportunity to travel all around the country assisting and training under very successful choreographers. Some of Alexa’s favorite dance memories are from her summers training in Los Angeles, California at The EDGE, Millenium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Studios and more. After graduating from high school she jumped right into becoming a full time teacher while also earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tarleton State University. Alexa’s choreography with FWPAC has been both regionally and nationally recognized and won several awards such as “Most Entertaining”, Apogee Winner and many top scoring overalls. She has a true passion for teaching and knows that she wants to have a life long career as a dance teacher where she can continue to share her love of dance with “her babies.” Alexa gives full credit to her faith, family, friends, students and teachers for helping to shape her into the person she is today.

Debi LeGrand

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (6)Is our Office Manager. She has 30 plus years experience, earning the designation of Associate of Customer Service, extensive management and administration training while in the corporate world and extending to the dance world. She loves working with people and children and has two grown children of her own and joined the Foot Works family in 2013. Her daughter began dancing at the age of three, dancing and cheering competitively, including drill team to professional, which Debi feels gives her hands-on experience to help answer your questions. Debi’s goal is to make everyone feel welcome and part of the Foot Works family.

Sarah Philpot

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (7)Began dancing at the age of 2 at Caron Moore Dance Productions in Benbrook, Texas. She studied tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip hop for over 15 years and was a member of the Showtime Dance Competition Team. She competed in both regional and national dance competitions and performed in places such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Orlando. She has trained at world renowned studios such as The EDGE Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex, danced in several Dallas Cowboys Halftime shows, and performed at the National Mary Kay Cosmetic Convention in Dallas Texas for 3 years. In addition to dance, she has performed both lead and ensemble roles in musical productions such as '42nd Street’, ‘The Music Man’ and more at The Bass Performance Hall, Casa Mañana Theater and Lifesong Theater Grapevine. She also served as an assistant to the choreographer of the National Tour of 'The Music Man’ at The Bass Performance Hall. Sarah attended Oklahoma City University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Performance, a degree path that allowed her to study in all three departments of theater, dance and voice. Following graduation, she moved to Los Angeles California where she performed as an entertainment host and was a featured dancer in the show 'Block Party Bash' at Disneyland Parks. After living and performing in and around Los Angeles for almost 6 years, Sarah returned to Texas where she continued to perform locally and began a career in teaching. She has taught musical theater at Dallas Children's Theater, was a teacher and choreographer at Dianne Cole Johnson School of Dance and has been a teacher and choreographer at Foot Works Performing Arts Center since 2013. Her musical theater and ballet choreography has earned awards such as Most Entertaining and top overalls on both the regional and national level. Sarah has been married to Aaron since 2012 and they have three little girls— Presley, Gwendolyn and Remy.

Haley Juarez

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (8)Graduated with a BFA in Modern Dance at TCU. She grew up dancing at Foot Works Performing Arts Center where she competed and performed in tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and musical theatre. She has performed with danceTCU in works by Sarah Newton, Susan Douglas Roberts, and guest artists Heidi Latsky, Joshua L. Peugh, and Andee Scott. She has had the opportunity of performing in Disney World, on cruise ships, and faculty work during her time in the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance. In addition to classes with resident faculty, Haley has been in master classes with Jay Johnson, Joshua L. Peugh, Andee Scott, Laura West Strawser, Deborah Vogel and Christian Von Howard.

Lindy Giles

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (9)Has spent most of her life involved in almost every branch of the dance industry. After much success as a performer including numerous national titles, awards, and scholarships, Lindy turned her focus to her professional dance career. She spent six years training at The Edge and Millennium in Los Angeles, California, and Broadway Dance Center in New York. She was on scholarship for a total of six semesters at The Edge. In 2006, Lindy had her chance to shine on the hit dance show So You Think You Can Dance where she reached the Las Vegas finals as one of the top 100 dancers in the country. In 2004, Lindy helped create the now world-renowned and highly respected SoulEscape Dance Company alongside her husband, Justin. They have spent the last 12 years creating works that have performed all over the US, and they continue to inspire and teach today’s youth through their performances and workshops. Lindy has also spent the last 10 years teaching and nurturing the growth of countless DFW dancers, earning her multitudes of awards and recognition. Lindy’s students have gone on to not only have successful dance careers, but more importantly contribute positively to their communities. Lindy strives to be a healthy influence on her students, and her ability to do so cannot be underestimated.

Michelle Noskin

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (10)Graduated in 2015 from TCU with a B.A. degree in English and a minor in psychology. Michelle began dancing at the age of three, training in all different styles including Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Contemporary. Michelle attended many different conventions and competitions throughout her childhood. She has taught at two different studios as well as being the dance teacher at an elementary school before coming to Foot Works. Michelle has a passion for working with children and creating an environment where her students can learn and grow as a dancer. She strives to encourage the love of dance into her students as well as teaching them how to express themselves through dancing. Michelle appreciates the culture, teaching style and family atmosphere that Foot Works provides and hopes to instill the same attributes to her dancers.

Matthew James

Faculty & Staff - Foot Works Performing Arts Center (11)Matthew James is a recent graduate from the University of Texas in Austin with a BFA in Dance: Performance & Choreography. Matthew began dancing at the age of eight in the Fort Worth area training in contemporary, hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, and modern. He found Foot Works Performing Arts Center in 2013 and danced with the Senior and Elite companies until his graduation in 2018. His sophomore year of high school Matthew began assisting at Foot Works and found an even greater love for teaching and choreography. Matthew then had many opportunities to grow and cultivate his love for creating, teaching, and performing in the dance department at UT, where he was able to train with and be in works by working dance artists such as Charles O. Anderson, Rena Butler, Raphael Xavier, and Gesel Mason. Matthew wants to continue to teach and create new things, all while creating an open and positive environment for anyone he has the pleasure to work with or teach.

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