Foot Works Performing Arts Center (2022)

Our 5-year-old has enjoyed being part of the Foot Works family. She has learned so much. The staff and instructors are caring, professional and responsive. Our only regret is not enrolling sooner!"

~Carlos Garcia Family

8 YEARS have passed since our daughter first walked through the pink door and started taking classes at FWPAC. It was scary, as we were driving from Mansfield and we were afraid we would not be welcomed because we were “outsiders.” We could not have been more wrong. We were welcomed with open arms by the staff/instructors and the dance family and we have never looked back. We are so grateful that we found this studio early in her dance education. FWPAC offers a well-rounded dance education that has allowed my child to learn and be successful in multiple genres of dance. Not only do we appreciate the well-rounded dance education but we also appreciate the instructors who are invested and supportive in her success, on and off the stage. Further, we are grateful for the professional standards that are set for both the actual dance movement and the music used for each and every dance performed, not only by my child, but every performance at every age level. The level of professionalism is set by the director and instructors and trickles down to every dancer. Our daughter is focused, determined and motivated to be the best she can be, which is encouraged by the classes and instructors at FWPAC. We are thankful to be a part of FWPAC and our FWPAC dance family.

~The Marchlinksi Family

Footworks was the answer for my family. The owner knows what's what and the staff are beyond excellent. They are such a skilled, loving, and compassionate crew. No better place to dance in DFW!

~Nanette Day

Foot Works is a studio that not only teaches the art of dance at the highest level but they teach AND demonstrate, integrity, friendship, love and character! We are pleased to be a part of the FWPAC Family!

~The Schumans
What a fabulous way to end the season!! All of Katy's dances got 1st double platinum and all placed in the overalls. We have been beyond blessed this year with a fabulous new dance family.

~Mindi Anderson Harris

This is our 9th year with Foot Works! There are many dance studios to choose from in the DFW area, however, there is no other place like Foot Works!! The instructors here truly care about our kids as if they are their own and the level of instruction they receive is top notch! My two girls have grown up here. It is like their second home. Thank you for being AWESOME in every way!

~The Watson Family

What a year it has been! Hannah started dancing when she was 3 and we were so sad last year when our studio closed. But when one door closes another one opens, and she was welcomed into a new studio family. She has grown as a dancer and with her team has accomplished so much on stage. More importantly though she has made some amazing new friends and become part of a great group of kids. I can't begin to thank Whitney Moore and Lindsay McMahon and everyone else at Foot Works PAC for making all of it possible and for a terrific first year. I can't wait to see what's next!

~Michelle Toten Beck

I would like to give my full thanks and gratitude from not only myself but my children as well. My three daughters are going on their third season at Foot Works Performing Arts Center. The staff has taken the word "customer service" to a whole different level. In every aspect, I feel my kids are receiving the best possible dance curriculum that can be given based on the busy schedule of our everyday lives.

I recommend FWPAC to any family big or small and encourage you to consider the program they offer. The staff has really enlightened us and our family to what dance can do for children of all ages.

~The Nieto Family

From a parent perspective, I appreciate the music and movement being "age appropriate." Our children grow up fast enough without adding any kind of "mature" theme to the dance. Foot Works faculty/staff do an excellent job of finding a fun balance for both dancer and audience.

~The Petersen FamilyMy experience with Foot Works has been wonderful! From the start we felt like part of the family. We became great friends with the owner and all her fabulous teachers. We recommend this dance studio to everyone we come in contact with! Our first dancer is entering her 6th year and our second dancer is entering the 3rd year of her dancing journey in the fall.

~The Shupick Family

We have just finished our Senior year with Foot Works Performing Arts Center. I can honestly say that my daughter improved tremendously in the four years she was with FWPAC. She was always very happy and motivated by her instructors to share the gift of her dance on stage. She was always ready to go to the studio to dance and had a great time learning while she was there.

We will miss Foot Works as a family and even though she is off to college this year we will still be back to help with Company get togethers, props and support FWPAC dancers at competitions. Thank you for the best dance home we could have ever wished for.

~The Adams Family

I hope you all have gotten some rest this past week, but knowing you guys you were right back in the studio :) I just wanted to thank you again for attending Nationals with us! It was a pleasure to have your studio back with us at Mid America. And you all added so much mazing talent and joy to the show.It was just awesome to spend time with you and your students. You have created a first rate studio and instilled the RIGHT things in your dancers along with that incredible technique and ability. You all are just a joy to work with and I appreciate and admire you hard work and dedication to your dancers. I know it must be sad to move into a new year without those two shining Seniors. I know great things are in the future for Foot Works though.I look forward to seeing you guys in the New Year. Best wishes for the rest of your summer and the start of a new season.

~Heather Bowles Epps, Producer
Showstopper American Dance Championships

After 7 tumultuous years at other studios, selecting a new studio was a decision we did not take lightly. After much research and prayer, Foot Works Performing Arts Center became our new dance home. At previous studios, we found they looked great on paper, but never actually delivered on their promises. At FWPAC, they do what they say they will do when they say they will do it and more. The entire staff is friendly, professional and caring. The instructors are also encouraging and strive to help each dancer reach their full potential. This experience has far exceeded our expectations.

We love FWPAC and feel blessed to be a part of this "family"!

~The Guerrero Family

Absolutely wonderful! We drive from Granbury and it has been worth every single mile! My daughter learned so much in just one year. Very professional staff and amazing talent! I was blown away at the recital! Wow!!!

~The McKee Family

Footworks PAC is more than an amazing dance studio – it is our family. The teachers are beyond compare! They have helped my oldest grow from a painfully shy and reserved child into a confident and outgoing young lady. I love the changes they’ve helped her accomplish. Both my girls have learned so much more than just dance through the Footworks family. They’ve learned about friendships, teamwork, patience, discipline, and love – love of others as well as dance. Everyone in the Footworks studio, the teachers and office staff, care about the dancers and their families. My son doesn’t dance, but everyone knows his name and always has a kind word for him when he’s there picking up his sisters. There is no other dance studio I can imagine calling home."

~Marzie Henckell

Foot Works Performing Art Center is not only the premier DFW dance market studio, but one the of the best in all markets of the world. My girls have benefited so much, not only in dance technique and grace, but in the development of their attitudes, character, and young lives. The dance instructors are the best and top notch in all aspects of dance instruction and the instant connection that each of them share with our children is a true testament to their ability to teach dance and develop such a positive influence in the the lives of our children! My girls absolutely adore every single instructor and have enjoyed every single day of dance for years! You can count on the fact that they care so much for not only the children they teach, but for the lives of the families of the children they teach also.

My children have absolutely adored the recreational dance offerings at Foot Works and there are so many options to choose from. From the first dance classes that my daughters took at Foot Works, we knew this Dance Studio was special. The love of dance is immediately instilled in them and they look forward to every single class. We don't even have to make them practice at home, they just want to do it!!

Our experience on the company dance team has been some of the best experiences of our lives and one that we could never replace for our child. It is something that she comes home from and instantly goes right back to practicing at home, in the shopping store, at the park, or wherever we are. I can't tell you how many times we have heard "Watch this new move we learned today!" Foot Works Performing Arts Center Company Teams are more than just winning and competing, its preparation for the ups and downs of life and it has taught my child that hard work, a positive attitude, dedication, and practicing your craft pays off!

We are proud members of the Foot Works Family!"

~L.D. Whitehead Family

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