Sowtech Espresso Machine Review (2022)

Have you been on the hunt for your first espresso machine but put off by the prices? Are you looking to make coffee shop-style espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes from the comfort of your own home? Looking to save money from coffee shop prices?

If so, then the Sowtech machine could be the one for you. Dive into thisSowtech espresso machine reviewto find out how you can become your own café barista from the comfort of your own home.

A true entry-level espresso machine for the budding barista that comes with a lifetime warranty seems a great place for any coffee fan to start.

Read on for the full review to find out if Sowtech’s semi-automatic espresso machine is worthy of going straight to the top of your wish list. We have scoured the internet for every expert review on this espresso maker to collate with our own. This means we have the most comprehensive coffee maker review you can find. Whilst not all home coffee experts give numerical scores, we have averaged these out. Therefore, you can get a consensus opinion on how good this espresso and cappuccino system is and know for sure if it is the right one for you.

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It’s that time of year again – Black Friday is just around the corner and the bargains are already rolling in.

Get a jump on all the best prices for coffee makers, grinders, and accessories. We will be keeping this article updated as the best deals hit the shelves.

At a Glance: Sowtech Espresso Machine Review

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Sowtech Espresso Machine

The Sowtech espresso machine is a great budget coffee maker that would be a solid choice for your first espresso machine.

If you’re just looking for the ease of making coffees at home but you’re not too worried about extracting the nuance of flavor from espresso, this is a great choice.

Despite the affordable price tag, the Sowtech coffee maker is incredibly easy to use. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for your complete peace of mind.

The Sowtech espresso/cappuccino maker will be perfect for replacing your daily coffee shop latte with one made at home with minimal time and effort.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can pull up to four shots of espresso
  • Milk frothing wand
  • Very easy to use
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only 3.5 bar pressure
  • Steam can give coffee burnt taste
  • Small water tank
  • Frothing is awkward for right-handed people

Average Rating

  • Expert rating: 6.7/10
  • Customer Rating: 9.0/10
  • Our Rating: 7.0/10

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Key Features of the Sowtech Espresso Machine

1. 3.5 BAR Steam Pressure

3.5 Bars may not sound like very much pressure but, for this budget price point, it is actually pretty good. The pressure holds steady, allowing you to consistently pull 1-4 espresso shots at a time.

2. 1-4 Cups of Espresso

With the Sowtech espresso machine, you can brew one to four cups of espresso at once. So, if you need a lot of espresso to keep you going, or if you have a few people to serve in the morning, the ability to brew them all at once is a big plus. Anything to get that morning coffee quicker!

3. Quick Brewing Time

Once you turn this coffee maker on, you will have espresso in just a few minutes. Could there be anything better on all those mornings where you just don’t have the time?

4. Removable Drip Tray

You can mop up spills quickly with the removable drip tray. Plus, anything that makes cleaning easier is a win in our books.

5. Lifetime Warranty

The Sowtech espresso machine boasts an incredibly generous warranty, something which isextremely unusual for an espresso machine in this price bracket. As you can purchase this coffeemaker at around the $50 mark, many would assume it would have to be replaced after a year or so. Therefore, Sowtech’s inclusion of a lifetime warranty speaks absolute volumes for the quality. The manufacturers show their confidence in their espresso maker, so you should too.

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Is the Sowtech Espresso Machine Easy to Use?

The Sowtech 4-cup espresso maker is very easy to use. As there are no settings to change, you can just add your coffee, turn on the steam and go. Incredibly simple espresso making.

The following steps walk you through how to use the Sowtech espresso machine:

  1. Fill the filter: Simply use the scoop to put your ground coffee into the filter. There are fill lines indicating how much coffee is needed for the number of espressos you wish to brew.
  2. Tamp your grounds: The other end of the measuring spoon is a tamper. So use this to tamp down the coffee grounds.
  3. Attach filter to the machine: Twist the filter anti-clockwise to secure it in the machine.
  4. Fill the water carafe: Fill the water carafe to the appropriate level for the number of espressos you want, again there are helpful fill lines.
  5. Pull your espresso: Twist the knob on the top of the machine to pull your espressos into the carafe.

Now wasn’t that easy?

You can then use the steam wand to froth your milk to make lattes or cappuccinos if that is your preference.

There aren’t really any options to fiddle about with here. So you can get good results on the first try. Plus, it means you’re unlikely to mess something up in a morning daze after little sleep or perhaps a touch too much indulgence from the night before.

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Does the Sowtech Espresso Machine use Beans, Pods, or Grounds?

The Sowtech steam driven espresso maker only uses ground coffee and there is no grinder included with this machine. So you will either need to buy a separate grinder or buy ground coffee. If you already have favorite coffee beans, most coffee stores will be able to grind this for you. Some will sell the same coffee in both beans and ground form as standard.

Also, most supermarkets sell a wide range of ground coffee for your home espresso machine. So you will have no problem finding your favorite coffee to have at home. Once ground, coffee has a short lifespan – around 1 hour. Whereas beans can last weeks. So, if you are purchasing pre-ground coffee, I would take steps topreserve your ground coffeeto prevent the flavor from decaying over time.

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Design and Build Quality

The Sowtech Espresso/Cappuccino Maker has a very small footprint. It’s 13″ tall by 7.2″ wide by 9″ deep. This makes it ideal if you’re worried about counter space. It’s also very light so you can easily move your coffee machine around if needed.

Visually, this Sowtech machine ia very simple with black plastic and stainless steel accents. This is fairly ubiquitous at this price point. While it’s not winning any beauty contests, it certainly isn’t an eyesore. So, it won’t look out of place in most kitchens or offices.

The milk frothing wand is on the left, which is a mild annoyance. If like me you’re right-handed, you’re more likely to end up trying to maneuver the milk jug with that hand. In doing so, you can possibly touch a hot part of the machine. It’s a mild irritation so you do have to take care.

The build quality is what is really impressive with the Sowtech. As they offer a lifetime warranty, the manufacturers are really showing off their faith in their coffee machines. This is amazing and, being such an affordable espresso machine, it really speaks to the confidence they have in the build quality. There is no “buy cheap, buy twice” with this machine and they will happily replace it if you run into issues.

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Does the Sowtech Espresso Machine Make Good Espresso?

The Sowtech espresso machine makes passable espresso. The lack of pressure and steam power prevent the machine from making good or great espresso but what you do get is a perfectly decent shot of coffee. Not one for the purists, but a long way from bad coffee too.

There is good and bad in the coffee performance of the Sowtech espresso machine.

The temperature and pressure are both very consistent, which is excellent for coffee extraction. The 3.5 BAR pressure isn’t enough for true espresso but can make something almost like café style espresso – which is better than many of the machines at this price.

However, steam power means the water is too hot. This makes the espresso more bitter. Plus, the pressure isn’t enough to extract excellent espresso and really won’t get the best out of medium or light roast beans at all. If you enjoy dark or very dark roast coffee it will perform admirably for this price point.

In order to get good coffee extraction, you must careful not to use too finely ground coffee. Otherwise, it won’t be able to force the water through at all. While this is true for all espresso machines, the lack of pressure make it more likely using the Sowtech.

So the espresso it produces is fine, nothing wrong with it at all, but we wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s “good” espresso and it’s a long way from “great” espresso.

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Bells and Whistles

On an entry-level espresso machine, we really don’t expect there to be any additional features beyond purely pulling espressos, so the Sowtech actually does quite well by having a milk frothing wand.

The milk frothing wand is a nice feature to have at this budget price point and it works well. You can make a nice microfoam with a little practice. So soon you’ll have your favorite milky drink nailed down. If you’re not careful, you can burn the milk but this is true of any steamer so you can’t hold it against Sowtech.

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How Easy is it to Clean the Sowtech Espresso Machine?

It is very easy to clean the Sowtech espresso machine. As no part of it is very big, you don’t need lots of space to dismantle it all to get it cleaned properly. All the pieces can be easily rinsed out in the sink. There are also no small or fiddly parts that could be easily lost during a deep clean.

Steam-powered espresso machines don’t need the same level of deep cleaning as some other espresso machines. If you keep on top of washing the parts after each use, you will keep it in really good condition. While descaling an espresso machine is generally pretty fast and painless, it still takes time and you often have to buy specialist cleaning products to do it. The Sowtech saves you time and money on cleaning.

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Final Thoughts on our Sowtech Espresso Machine Review

When drawing a conclusion from this Sowtech Espresso Machine review, the one thing to remember here is how cheap the coffee maker is. At less than $60, the Sowtech Espresso/Cappuccino maker really is a budget espresso maker. Realistically, you have to spend a good $30 more to get something similar that is noticeably better.

Also, the lifetime guarantee means you can be confident you aren’t going to end up having to replace it in 9 months when one of the cheap parts breaks.

It’s a very reliable, decent espresso maker and if all you want is a latte every morning, then this will do you very nicely. If you’re looking to get into the nuance of espresso you’ll need to splash out a bit more sadly. For that, it would definitely be worth saving up in our opinion.

Steam espresso machines come with their drawbacks in that there is usually a burnt flavor to your coffee. However, as steam-driven machines go, the Sowtech is very good, and if you drink very dark roast coffee you may not notice the burnt taste at all.

But all in all, our verdict for the Sowtech Espresso Machine review is that it presents good value for (not a lot of) money.

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